This coffee comes to us from one of the largest coffee growing countries in Africa.  The coffee is collected from the coops in Iyenga, Mwalyego and Itumpi from Tanzania's Mbeya and Mbinga regions, A peaberry plus coffee with outstanding fruity chocolaty flavor notes. Peaberrys are small and fully packed with flavor.  This coffee is best suited for pour overs and drip preparations, but could be used for espresso if you have a wild and adventurous pallet. Roasted on the lighter side but with a good body. Check it out if you enjoy your coffee full of delicious flavor. 

Tanzania Iyenga Mwalyego Itumpi

  • Tanzania Iyenga Mwalyego Itumpi

    Region: Mbeya-Mbinga 

    Variety: Bourbon

    Elevation: 1600 M

    Processing Method: Washed

    Tasting Notes: Dark Chocolate, Brown Sugar, Tropical Fruit

    Source From: Genuine Origin and Taylor Winch