This is another outstanding coffee from the Yirgacheffe region of southern Ethiopia and the Aricha washing mill. With tasting notes of blackcurrent, cherry and molasses this coffee is excellent in many different preparation techniques. Kurume is an heirloom varietal that is original to the Yirgacheffe region. 


This coffee helps to support the Testi Project Direct, which is a community development initiative that focuses on transforming and assisting the farmers. Testi Trading PLC financially support farmers in composting, picking, and provide social work for their community school along with assisting in water source construction. In addition, your donations pay a premium to improve the quality of living style of each farmer & their families. 

Ethiopia Aricha

  • Ethiopia Aricha

    Variety: Kurume

    Region: Yirgacheffe

    Elevation: 2050 meters

    Processing Method: Washed

    Tasting Notes: Blackcurrant, Cherry, Molasses

    Sourced From: Hustle & Grind Coffee Traders