A fantastic crowd pleasing coffee, which is well rounded and full of flavor. This coffee is great by itself and works well with milk based espresso drinks. It is produced by several groups totalling 136 smallholder farms. This coffee has a smooth mouth feel and notes of chocolate, plum, brown sugar and almond. Several varities make up this coffee including lempiras, caturra, catuai, ICHAFE 90 and catimor. This coffee comes to us from Genuine Origin. 

Honduras Reserva Guama Danta

  • Honduras Reserva Guama Danta

    Region: Comayagua

    Variety: Lempiras, Caturra, Catuai, ICHAFE 90, Catimor

    Elevation: 1250-1450 meters

    Processing Method: Washed

    Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Plum, Brown Sugar

    Sourced From: Genuine Origin

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