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Our goal in roasting coffee is to highlight the flavors that make that particular coffee special. We hope you enjoy our coffee and appreciate all of the hard work that goes into your special cup of coffee. We only roast in small batches to guarantee absolute freshness.


One of the helpers at Yalex and Ana's farm in Nicaragua

1562 Roastery only buys coffee either directly from the farmer or from importers who focus on compensating farmers fairly.  Direct trade relationships have a larger positive impact on the farming families and the community due to higher wages. Change lives through your decisions.



1562 Roastery is a small specialty coffee roasting

company located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  

Coffee drying on raised screen beds at the Yalex Farm • Nicaragua


1562 Roastery works hard to choose the best coffees from all over the world from farmers who care just as much about growing and processing only top quality coffee beans as we do about roasting them. We are committed to purchasing our coffee to make a difference. 

Yalex, Ana and their children • Yanex Farm • Nicaragua

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